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Pittsburgh Truck & Tow, LLC        1701 Main Street        Pittsburgh, PA 15215        Phone:  412.772.1252

​​​​​Pittsburgh Truck & Tow's fleet leads the industry in safety, maintenance, and cleanliness.  U-Haul has the "Right Equipment at the Lowest Cost Anywhere!" You won't find cleaner or safer equipment.  To get a quote for a rental, call our office, or click here to visit our U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer page. 

WE RENT:  Trucks, Sport Trailers, Cargo Trailers, Utility Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, Auto Transports, Tow Dollies, Trailer Hitches, Hitch Balls and Mounts, Wiring and Lights, Bike Racks, Furniture Pads, as well as Furniture and Utility Dollies to help you move your heavy furniture and boxed items easily. Some of these items (hitches, moving boxes, etc.) are also available for purchase at our location. 

Truck and Trailer Rental Tips:

  • Plan ahead. Although we do our best to find what you need at the last minute, your best bet is to reserve in advance. 

  • Call Pittsburgh Truck and Tow directly to find out what you need; we are happy to walk you through the reservation process and answer your questions.


  • If booking online via Uhaul.com, make sure your contact information, such as telephone number and email, are valid. Sometimes you will receive messages regarding your equipment (to confirm pick-up location and time) so be sure to check your messages. 

  • Day of Rental:  Bring your drivers' license and a credit or debit card. When you receive your receipt and instructions, it shows the miles on the odometer, as well as the gas tank level. You should return the truck with the same amount of gas to avoid any fueling charges. As a courtesy, we prefer you don't smoke in the vehicles and be sure to clean up any spills or messes to avoid cleaning charges. We take care to clean and disinfect our trucks so you have the safest, most pleasant moving experience! 

  • We can educate you on proper trailering techniques, from hooking up until you disconnect. There's never a bad question. :)  We would be happy to provide a free pre-tow inspection of your towing device! 

  • Need insurance? U-Haul offers coverage plans. The insurance is optional, but opting for U-Haul's coverage keeps your personal auto insurance rates from going up if you were to get into an accident or experience theft of belongings. Also, not all auto insurers and credit card companies cover truck and equipment rentals, but you can always call these companies to learn more about what is covered in your plan. 

  • ​Dropping off after hours? That's cool. We're right near the police station, and our parking lot is well-lit with 24-hour surveillance. There is a drop box for you to put the truck keys. Remember to remove your personal belongings and lock up the vehicle!  If you're using the drop box, your receipt will be emailed to you.​​​​